In April, I recorded a new single.  ‘Hurricane‘, as I hope you know! I am sure you have listened and downloaded and added to your playlists!  I had such an amazing experience recording this song with one of Belfast’s best, up and coming Producer’s.  However, when I came to arrange some more studio time with him, he wasn’t so keen on working with me again.  This was a bitter pill to swallow, as I had thoroughly enjoyed working with him and we produced SUCH an amazing track – go listen here if you haven’t already!  He really brought me out of my comfort zone and I am so proud of the work we created.

I was in New York City in May (Read about my trip to New York here) when I found out I would no longer be producing my next few tracks with him and at first, I was upset, but, I totally understood.  He wanted to protect his artistic integrity and my genre of music wasn’t quite right for him.

Straight away, my brain went into overdrive:

‘What am I going to do?’ changed to ‘What shall I do instead, what could be really cool?’

So, over the last few months, I have been working very hard on my new music.  I have been in the studio and recording with some pretty cool new people and it has made me realise, that, even though I was upset about losing the work with the first Producer, that these little challenges as an independent artist/entrepreneur are my every day now.

Here we are 4 months later and I have recorded 3 new singles, been on tour with Nathan Carter, made it to the final of Harmony LIVE’s singer-songwriter competition, had my debut TV appearance with NVTV, was an opening act for Ryan McMullan and planned 2 music videos for recording and release before the end of the year.  Oh…my amazing brother also got married to his best friend and I gained a sister. So, all in all, the last 4 months have been pretty darn great!



I think it is important that even though we have our down points day-to-day, that we see that these are actually opportunities in disguise, chances for us to step outside our comfort zone and push ourselves to achieve great things.

So, what I want to ask you is what are you looking forward to?  What have you wanted to do all year, but, just haven’t taken the chance on yourself, or backed yourself? Maybe you’re stuck in a job that you don’t love, or you want to train to do a 10k, but, you are scared to go out in the cold…it could be as simple as finishing that book you started reading over summer.

I challenge you to push yourself and set some goals.

Let me know what your challenges are by contacting me on here, or on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!




E x


I’ve had a full week to reflect on my trip to New York City, that’s 7 nights!  I banned myself from social media, got my head down at work and tried to eat healthily and get over the dreaded jetlag to kick start me back into my ‘every day’ life again.  However, I cannot shake the nagging feeling that I should be in New York City – FULL TIME. (more…)

I have been to my fair share of EP launches, but, when I arrived at Matty Rea‘s ‘Paperclip’ launch, I knew this was going to be a special event. It was a beautiful spring evening, dripping in duskiness and the venue was St.


Mary’s Parish Church, Comber; that’s right you read correctly, a Parish Church! Matty was casual and cool when we arrived. Leather jacket in one hand, coffee in the other and a smile that would rival James Dean.


Picture the scene. February 2017, two young, beautiful, smart, hilarious Irish gals and lots of beer. Throw in a couple of headscarves, some dodgy boat trips and a few war wounds along the way (we’ve all been there) and you have our 2-week holiday around Thailand, Singapore and Bali! My ‘colleague’ Elaine (aka Lee) and I, were lucky enough to be joining the thousands of 20-somethings who make the pilgrimage every year to South East Asia to ‘find themselves.’ (more…)

My typical day usually consists of…wait, what am I saying? A typical day in live TV broadcasting…no chance!

I work as an Assistant Producer for European Tour Productions, a production company that produces live golf coverage of The European Golf Tour. I am lucky enough to travel all around Europe, Asia, The Middle East and South Africa and have a career in an industry I am passionate and excited about. (more…)

This time last night, I was on my way to see Thomas Rhett perform. I was excited; to say the least. (If you follow me on insta, you’ll have taken the brunt of my over sharing!) – @emma_charcoal_roses …if you’re interested!
Thomas chose Belfast; the sister city of Nashville, to open his European Tour, which goes to show just how strong the bond between Belfast and Nashville has become in recent years and not only that… it was a SOLD OUT gig – RESULT!
The venue was Mandela Hall at Queens Students’ Union, a venue I had never been to before and although I was sceptical at first, once Rhett Akins, Thomas’ support act (and charming father) came on stage, my doubts quickly vanished.
The sound quality, stage set-up and vibe in this venue is fantastic.  Intimate but also, with the power to punch you in the stomach with a good bass line!  (Facebook: @mandelahallbelfast)


It is my opinion, that a skilled songwriter should be able to write any time, day or night whether they are inspired or not.  Songwriting is a task and if you sit down to write, inspiration will eventually join you.

However, sometimes, you feel so inspired by an event, no matter how small, that you could simply write an entire album in 20 minutes! (If only that happened every day?!) (more…)

As a singer-songwriter, going to Nashville has always been an aspiration of mine and before I went, I sought advice from some amazing mentors, however, after being there, I have also picked up a few tips of my own!

Here are 5 things, I think, you need to know about Nashville, to give you a little taster into the world of Music City.


One of the main attractions of going to CMA fest, was having the chance to meet some of my favourite country music artists and see them perform in an intimate setting.

Granted, seeing the headliners perform in Nissan Stadium was pretty darn excellent too! (Can I get a minute of appreciation for Luke Bryan’s butt shaking’ y’all!) (more…)

I first became aware of ‘Music City’ when I was about 19 years old.

I was watching Taylor Swift’s ‘Journey to Fearless’ (when I was meant to be studying for my summer exams!) and she spoke fondly of a magical place that could make all her dreams come true; Nashville, Tennessee.  It sounded pretty wonderful, but,  also pretty far-fetched!  Then, a few years ago, at the more grounded age of 24, (jokes!) a TV show hit our screens in the UK, dramatising the lives of fictitious country music stars and the seed was sown…I was going to get my ‘butt’ to Nashville. (more…)